Partner with Us

The March for Fossil Fuel Freedom is a collaborative effort of a growing coalition, and we welcome new partners.

Partnership will mean different things to different organizations. At a minimum, we ask partners to recruit people to march and/or to attend the final rally (March 16-18, 2019). There are many more ways we hope you will also participate - please complete the survey below to indicate what you are able to contribute. Thank you!

Please note: we are currently seeking partners interested in "adopting a Stagecoach Stop". This is a great opportunity to share the work and passion of your organization with others. Adopting a stop involves:

(1) setting up

(2) sponsoring (or providing) part or all of a meal or refreshments  - breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks

(3) some kind of entertainment - ideas for stop activities include skits, musical performances, pick-up choirs, "move your money" info sessions, and more. The more fun, the better!

(4) a dedicated person who will coordinate with our Logistics Team;

(5) cleaning up after the marchers move on.

Questions? Preferences for which kind of stop you'd like to adopt? Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you shortly. Thank you!