Everything you need to know to join the march!

What is the route of the march? The march starts in Palo Alto, next to P.F. Chang's restaurant in the Stanford Shopping Center. The march continues north on El Camino until it becomes Mission Street in South San Francisco, and continues straight into downtown San Francisco.

How far are we walking? On Saturday, we will march roughly 14 miles, ending at the overnight stop in Burlingame.  The second day (Sunday) is also roughly 14 miles, ending with an overnight in the Excelsior district of San Francisco, near the Daly City border.  The third day is around 6 miles, ending at Oily Wells HQ in downtown San Francisco. The total march is 33.6 miles.

Who will be leading the march? Indigenous people will be leading the march in prayer and contemplation, with other faith leaders. Their position will lend dignity and spiritual grounding to our procession, and demonstrate the respect the rest of us feel in following them. If you are Indigenous, please click here.


Will be be walking in the street? No, we will use sidewalks (and shoulders of the road in a few places) for the entire march.

Will there be stops along the way? Yes! Counting the lunch and dinner stops, there will be a total of 12 “Stagecoach Stops” – one for each of the 12 years remaining to take urgent action on climate change. Stay tuned for an interactive map listing exact stop locations. Partnering groups are invited to host a stop.

How do I register and what are the costs? Register here. The expenses of the march (food, porta-potties, van rentals, website, art-build materials, etc.) will be covered by donations from your registration. We recommend that marchers ask their friends and family to sponsor their participation – it’s a great way to raise awareness of Oily Wells’ nefarious lending practices, and to bring more people into the movement. Marchers are also welcome to make contributions of their own on a sliding scale (according to ability to pay).

What about food? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided for marchers who stay overnight. For those marching a portion of the march, lunch and snacks will be provided. We’ll have simple, nutritious, vegetarian and vegan menus. Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are prohibited on the march.

What is the culminating action at Wells Fargo’s HQ in San Francisco? There will be a fun, peaceful rally with music, chants, speeches, skits and prayer, along with a press briefing. 

Will there be toilet facilities for marchers? Yes, we are renting porta-potties that will be on a trailer and available at each stop. Overnight stops will have bathrooms. We are going “no showers, just wash ups” for those staying overnight.

What do I need to bring with me? For all marchers, plan to bring a small daypack (for any personal items such as meds or specific snacks for you), a water bottle, rain gear if the weather threatens, and a cell phone. Wear comfortable walking shoes! For those sleeping overnight, also bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, a pad or cot, and a change of clothes. We will have shuttles to carry bulky items - you will receive more details when you register.

Rain or shine? We are marching, rain or shine. (We are of course hoping that all the nice rains we are having will be on pause that weekend.)

Are day trippers welcomed? Yes, absolutely! Walking one day or even part of a day is fine. Coming to a stop just to support the marchers is also fine. Families with children, seniors, and others who may be unable to walk long distances are welcome. Marchers are also welcome to join up with us at any of the stops - please just be sure to indicate on the registration form which part of the march you intend to join.

I can’t march but I want to join the final event in SF – is that OK? Absolutely. Just plan to be at Oily Wells HQ at 420 Montgomery St. by noon, to welcome the marchers as they arrive and then participate in the rally.

How do I get back after I’m done marching? Fortunately, the route parallels the CalTrain, BART, and ECR SamTrans lines, so marchers can get back to where they started by transit. The nearest transit stop to the start of the march is the Palo Alto Transit Center/University Avenue Caltrain station. Lyft and Uber are also options.

What will the sleeping arrangements be? We’ll be sleeping on hard floors all in one big room, so having a pad or a cot will be important. Earplugs and eyemasks are also a good idea.

What if a marcher needs help along the way, because of a medical issue or fatigue? We’ll have two vehicles available at stops and along the route if someone has a health-related emergency.

What will the sleepovers be like? At each of the sleepover stops, there will be evening programs – including dinner, music, educational/entertaining presentations, and inspiration for the next leg of the march. More details on registration. Non-marchers are welcome to join us for dinner and evening programs!

Will the press be covering the march? We sure hope so! Our small but mighty publicity team will be alerting the press - so if you have press contacts (or would just like to assist the team), please let us know.